We are specializing part of the company Dolis, with long tradition in catering and wedding organization.
"Salona catering" is fully professional and dedicated catering, organizing various events and events.
We are ready to offer different types of menus, considering all your desires and specialties.
Dry plum rolls with bacon
Mini pork fillet in puff pastry
Mini burger
Fried shrimp tails
Rolled eggplant with fresh cheese
Stuffed chicken roll
Bruschetti with cheese spread, chives and cooked ham
Canape with salmon foam
Baskets with salsa and prawns
Baskets with octopus salad
Baskets with vegetables and beef stripes
Mini mozzarella with cherry tomatoes
Tuna pate on a cracker
"Kulen" patte with pistachio

Canape with red pepper, mozzarella and salad
Vegetable canapé with anchovy and olive spread, carrots, peppers and broccoli

Dalmatian Prosciutto

Kulenova seka



Homemade baked ham in puff pastry served with horseradish

Selection of cheeses ("Livanjski", young, cheese with herbs,) with nuts and fruits

Cuttlefish risotto
Prawns risotto
Veal risotto
Chicken and mushroom risotto
Seasonal vegetables risotto
Squid risotto
Green pasta with seafood
Tagliatelle with salmon and zucchini
"Fuži"pasta with prosciutto and truffles
Homemade gnocchi with asparagus and prosciutto

Mixed seasonal salad
Tuna salad, pasta, peppers, tomatoes, feta cheese and black olives
Potato salad
Roast chicken salad, dried tomatoes, arugula with "padano" cheese and seeds
Cherry tomato salad with chickpeas, fresh cucumbers and purple onions
Caprese salad of mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil
Greek salad
Squid and vegetable salad
Octopus salad
Sea salad

Gluten Free Salads
Sea bream salad with zucchini and pears
Hot and cold salad with roasted pumpkin, grilled mushrooms, nuts, dried cranberries, cucumbers, mini tomatoes served on baby spinach
Meat platter - pork cutlet, chicken breast, steak, cevapcici, burgers, sausage grill
Baked sucker with potatoes and sour cabbage
Veal roast with baked potatoes
Cabbage rolls stuffed with minced meat
Veal medallions in mushroom sauce with croquettes
Pork roll stuffed with chard and potatoes
Dalmatian "pašticada" with homemade gnocchi
Fish platter - sea bass / sea bream fillet, tuna steak, grilled squid, shrimp
Tuna steak with chard and potatoes
Monkfish medallions wrapped in bacon
Grilled fillet / sea bream with mixed vegetables
Codfish broth on red
Codfish "bianco"
Squid and octopus broth
Tiramisu shooter
Ferrero shooter
Panna cotta shooter
Cheesecake shooter
Chocolate baskets
Chocolate cake / cake
Apple / cheese pie